Sunday, December 02, 2007

New City, New Blog

As you know, Diesel and I have moved to NYC to start a new chapter in our life. I'll put this blog on hold for now, as we both started writing on a new blog:

Keep in touch!


Monday, November 05, 2007

U.S. Olympic Trials

It's not every day you get to see the best runners in the country in one place. And on Saturday, this place was Central Park.

Since we were staying with Seno, he, Diesel and I woke up at 6:30am and headed over to his friend's place, where his friends met for a bagel breakfast.

When we got to Central park, we watched the runners go around the park several times. It was quite amazing to see what a 4-5 min mile looks like.

I'm sure you read about the triumph (Hall winning) and tragedy (Shay dying) of this event. It was exciting and sad (we only found out afterwards, when Seno told us) at the same time.

NY Here We Come!

Flew to NY on Tuesday and arrived in the evening. Diesel and I both had 4 huge boxes that we checked in. Between this trip and the next one, where we stay for good, we'll have plenty of room to move all of the stuff we need.

Anxiety aside, we left our boxes at David's apartment and got dinner at a place in the East Village. With lots of gossip to tell, I have to say I had little time to enjoy my salad.

The next day we went apt. hunting. We wanted to go cheap and decided to not hire a broker and do it on our own, but after three days of looking at dumps, we finally gave in and called a broker. Oh what a difference a broker makes! We saw three apartments in the East Village that were nice and Diesel finalized the deal on Saturday at 5, less than 12 hours before we left NY.

This trip definitely made me feel more at ease about moving. The thoughts of leaving little Seatown and going to one of the world's craziest, busiest and biggest cities is quite daunting, but after about a week there, I feel quite confident that this will be a great adventure!

We have two more weeks in Seattle before we leave for good. It's bittersweet, but it'll be a great new chapter!

NY here we come!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Campaigning for the Institution of Murses in America

I've been meaning to tell the world about this fabulous accessory for men that has existed for several decades in Europe but only recently been making its way into the American fashion world. It is the very practical MURSE (or "male purse"), advocated by women worldwide, who are tired of carrying their boyfriends'/husbands' crap.

As always, it is the gay man who, in their fashion forward thinking have embraced this essential fashion accessory, and hopefully, will be able to convince his straight counterpart that he too should be carrying his cell phone, wallet, umbrella, book, camera, etc. in his OWN bag. Not only that, I hope that he is able to make all those heteros realize that they can have a lot of fun mixing and matching different murse designs with their outfits.

Two friends of mine have already joined the murse adoption movement. I'm very proud of them and will support their valient efforts to bring the murse to the United States of America. I'd like to share their take on the port-everything accessory:

Friend 1's choice:
Chic, slick and elegant murse. Black with white pinstripes, goes with everything!

Friend 2's choice:
Fun and colorful "chicken" murse. Perfect for going out and holds all your party supplies: fake eyelashes, lipstick, etc.

For more on murses, get advice from my favorite YouTube fashion guru, William Sledd. He did a whole "Murse Edition" segment (notice I'm not embedding the video because he has a lot of viewers, and I'm leery of having random people reading this blog):

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Latest Obsession

I am averaging one bag per day.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Elusive sub 2:00

First off, let's just get this straight: It was Tim who COPIED my "Elusive Sub 2:00" title on his blog, and NOT the other way around. They say copying is the sincerest form of flattery, so I'm just glad that despite his lack of imagination, my husband finds me such a great inspiration in his life.

A few months ago I signed myself up to run the Victoria Marathon in October. In a risky move, I also paid an extra 60 bucks to sign Diesel up for the half. He was notified that he was running once I forwarded him his registration confirmation. He took it pretty well and was even excited about it. During training, I hurt my knee and decided it would be cool to run Diesel's first half with him. It was disappointing, but on the upside, marathons are very painful.

On October 11, after his 1-week work trip to London, we headed over to the Victoria Clipper pier with our contingent of fans (which was actually only my sister) at 7am to catch the ferry to Victoria, Canada. With the race, Canadian Thanksgiving and a US ship arriving in Canada, we were glad that we decided to take the ferry to Canadia instead of having to wait hours at the border.

The trip was pleasant, and we got to chat with another couple who was running. We arrived safely at our hotel and immediately decided to take a nap. It was then time for a first session of carbo loading, and we took the advice of the foodie community board on chowhound and went Paggliacci's. We were told that it was a laid back, family style and reasonably-priced Italian restaurant, all of which were true. We were also told that the food was awesome, which it unfortunately wasn't. But oh wells. After sauntering for a while, it was suddenly time for dinner, and we ended up at Cafe Brio, which my friend Megan from work had recommended. We got the small plates and the food was awesome!

The next morning my sister sent us off and the race started. The weather was perfect for running (unlike Chicago!) and the course was the prettiest I've ever seen, through parks and on the water. The interesting thing about this race is the many loops you do, where you get to see the elite runners who are way ahead of you. I also decided that the loops make it very easy for people to cheat (you can just skip the loop and go the other direction), so a good tip for all those shady runners who want to qualify for Boston (HA!).

Tim took off and I ran an easy half. It was very pleasant and when the sun finally came out, it was just so nice to be running out there. It is definitely one of the most beautiful (if not THE most) race I've ever done.

Tim crossed the finished line first, and I was about a minute behind him (to read his account of the race with MY title, click here). I suppose I should hate him because this was his first half, but I guess he's my husband, so I won't hate him.

Sadly, both of us missed our 2:00:00 finish goal. After running a 2:00:08 in Vancouver and a 2:00:16 in Bellevue, I have to say the 2:02:31 time was a bit disappointing. Well, maybe next season...

Anyhow, the trip back was tiring and uneventful. The Clipper was filled with your typical race casualties: many limping, several who couldn't stand up, more even that chose to sit on the main deck, daunted by going up the stairs, and your usual line up of stretchers along the walls.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Back to Back Girls' Nights In

With Tim in London I was able to plan two girls' nights in this week without feeling guilty about kicking him out of of his own apt.

Anyhow, on Monday Megan and Lauren from work came over and we watched half of Season 2 of The Hills. If you're asking me what it is, you obviously have not seen the BEST TV show EVER. Megan has recently been sucked into