Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Second BEST Xmas Present EVER (after the trip to Barcelona)

For the past several months, I have been probing Diesel to see what he would get me for Xmas. That entailed all tactics you can think of, from subtly pointing to things that I wanted to shamelessly and blatantly requesting this or that. I also enlisted help from a few trusted friends with good taste to make sure that Diesel was being watched and didn't get me GEAR or anything UGLY. And finally, the day came.

This Christmas, I got...


(Hallelluiah song)



Yes, another one! In addition to the one he gave me for my birthday, but I lost (or perhaps it got stolen).

I am very happy indeed!

And before you accuse me of losing everything--which I will be the first to admit, is a very reasonable accusation--I'd like to defend myself by saying that when Diesel lived in the ghetto, I often had to hide all my valuables around his house when we left for trips. So the laptop would end up under the bed, the iPod in the bathroom, my earrings in the flour container, and so forth.

Until one day, when I couldn't find it. Where I lost it (or it got stolen) is still unclear, but I'm pretty sure it is still hidden somewhere in his house in the ghetto. The only other explanation is that it got stolen, because I would never lose such a treasured present. And who in the world would want an iPod loaded with Britney Spears and Ricky Martin songs anyway?

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diesel said...

West Seattle is NOT the ghetto!